Rotary press

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Ability & specification :

rotary press

Operation stage :
1- Offloading mortar
2- Vibration
3- Discharge of mould
  • In offloading stage its possible to adjust require amount of mortar according to the thickness and size of tile by changing the size of vessle.
  • In second stage mortar will vibrate with electric vibration that will be caused came out bubble of air from the mortar.
  • In third stage the mortar will be settling under the pressure and vacuum in the same time.
Technical specification :
  • Flexural strength (N/mmˆ2) : 13
  • Compressive strength (N/mmˆ2) : 101
  • Water absorption (% by weight) : 2.5 %
  • Resistance to fire : Class O
  • Resistance to freeze : Resistant

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