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Alignment belt

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Written by mecatec

Aligment Belt1


Ability & specification :

  • This belt developed bags in the right position for conveyed by belt and without stop in 90° chute.
  • Two steel guide with adjustable side position will transferred bags in the center of belt
  • Main drive is gear motor
  • Height of belt is adjustable.

Discharge belt

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Written by Ehsan

Discharge Belt1



Ability & specification :

For smooth settling bags after Rotary packer we erect inclined Granulated robber belt
  • Belt width : 80-100 Cm
  • Adjustable slope of belt
  • Bag cleaning
  • Dust collection hood

Rotary feeder

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General specification :

  • Feed capacity 10-200ton/hour
  • High level control flow
  • Electric motor protection
  • Good sealing

Technical specification:

  • Gear box assembled in main shaft
  • Power transmission to gearbox by pulley & belt
  • Teflon belt screwed in blade of impeller for high sealing

Vibrating screen

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Written by mecatec

vibrating screen1



General & technical specification:

  • Vibrating screen type :  Unbalanced weight
  • Power transmission : V belt & Pulley
  • Vibrating amplitude : Adjustable with unbalanced weights
  • Vibrating frequency : Capable with changing FC
  • Number of screens : Up to four screen for separation of in let material in five type
  • Bearing & sealing : Because that all bearing installed in separate and closed position working time of these parts is very good.
  • Erection : In both steel frame and suspension spring rope is possible